Frequently asked questions

After placing the order, we will send you an explanatory bag in which the ashes or lock of hair may be placed. For each piece of jewellery, we only need a teaspoon of ash (preferably of varying structure) or a minimal tuft of hair. What is not used for the ornament is returned with the order. 

We recommend that you send the ashes or lock of hair to us by mail with track&trace.

We do not have a physical shop, but we do have a reception area where you are welcome to make an appointment to discuss your wishes. 

Our silver jewellery may discolour over time, this process is called oxidation and is part of silver jewellery. When worn normally it will be minimal. We have tissues to maintain the jewellery and also silver dip to remove the oxidation immediately.

In some cases, the acidity of the skin will cause the jewellery to oxidise more quickly, in which case the silver jewellery can be rhodium-plated.

Wear the jewellery preferably only during the day, because when you sleep you sweat more and this acidity can make the jewellery discoloured or dull. It is also better to take off the jewellery when doing sports or when it comes in contact with water.

Our gold jewellery does not discolour, we only sell jewellery made from whole gold. Gold-plated jewellery (with only a thin layer of gold) can discolour rather quickly, that's why we don't sell it.

The resin can withstand water well. 

However, we advise you to remove resin jewellery, but in fact all jewellery, when it comes into contact with water (which can cause sweat or chemical substances). Over time, this can affect the shine or colour of the jewellery.

We can incorporate many different memories into an ornament. For example, ashes, a lock of hair, fabric, teeth, sand, flower petals. But also a fingerprint, hand-, foot- or paw print, a drawing, heartbeat, (own written) text, a photo or an ultrasound.

We have special sets to make beautiful prints yourself. These can be ordered at "miscellaneous". If you are in a hurry because of a death and our sets cannot be delivered in time, then a funeral director can often help you make a print. Would you like us to give you tips or to check whether a print is usable? Please send us a message.