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Slip-on rings

Slip-on rings in silver in pearl or spiral thread in 1.5 mm or 1.5 mm...
aanschuifringen zilver met zirconia's

Slip-on rings with zirconia

Silver rings with row of zircons. Makes a souvenir ornament complete...

Hagerty jewellery cloth small

This impregnated jewellery wipe easily removes dirt and dullness from silver...

Hagerty Silver Clean

Hagerty Silver Clean is an immersion bath that allows you to easily clean the...

Leather cord

Leather cord in different sizes

Loose chain

Different variants of necklaces. venetian necklace snake necklace gourmet necklace anchor link ball chain

Omega necklace

Omega necklace in silver version. This necklace wears a bit stiffer, which makes it...
Setje voor vingerafdruk

Fingerprint set

Set to make your own beautiful fingerprint. It is a...

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