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Bespoke jewellery

Making new jewellery from your own gold or silver

Often, beautiful jewellery carries a memory of our loved ones. They are kept neatly in the drawer but are never actually worn. Because they don't fit, or it's just not the taste. But they often bring us back to fond memories. We can make a new piece of jewellery out of this 'old' jewellery, by melting it down and making a beautiful new piece of jewellery from a new design that still carries the memories but has a nice new look. We can create an entirely new design or keep some recognisable features. We can also incorporate a fingerprint, ashes, a lock of hair or your own stone. In this way, this beautiful new piece of jewellery becomes a very treasured piece of memory jewellery.

Turning wedding rings into new jewellery

We can turn one or two wedding rings into a new piece of jewellery by combining them into a new wearable design. A ring, a pendant, there are various possibilities to wear the rings together in a new piece of commemorative jewellery without the ring(s) losing their recognisability and often so precious inscription. A fingerprint, ashes, a lock of hair, a beautiful stone or other memory can also be incorporated if desired.

A new or your own design

Besides our regular jewellery line, we also create completely custom-made designs according to your wishes. For this, we can use new material but also our own jewellery as described above. Together, we discuss the wishes and, if desired, a sketch of the new design can be made. Our many years of experience ensure that we are able to translate wishes into a new piece of commemorative jewellery that strikes exactly the right chord. It could be a piece of jewellery with meaning, a ring, a pendant on a necklace, a bracelet, earrings or a beautiful piece of jewellery to put on a shelf, so many things are possible!

Adapting an existing piece of jewellery

Of course, we can also customise an existing piece of jewellery. For example, in many cases we can place an engraving, such as a fingerprint, on the own piece of jewellery. Or make an ash chamber in or on the own piece of jewellery. We also regularly customise a piece of jewellery by removing the stone and filling this space with a keepsake, such as ashes or a lock of hair. This gives it extra precious value as a piece of remembrance jewellery.

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